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In tough times, a company’s talent will lead its people through any situation - Growth, Turnaround, Change -  It takes a strong mindset to drive the changes a company needs and it starts with talent. The secret sauce to success is that there is not one perfect solution or silver bullet that will make you succeed. You must do the work, which requires starting. 

Virtually every client we work with is asking the same questions:

  • Do we have the best talent practices?

  • How can we recruit, deploy and develop people to deliver greater value to customers and also do it better than our competitors?

  • How do I know I have the right approach with people and the right Human Capital practices to drive the changes we need to make?

You can’t do anything with your human capital programs if you don’t start.

Many companies we work with have the secret sauce to do great things but they just need to start doing them. Like starting a new workout program, simple but not easy to do, taking your human capital programs serious is also simple but not easy to do. 

At Secret Tech Sauce Talent we work with companies to lay out the vision of what they are going after and then create the actions they need to achieve the first steps of their vision.

The first steps are usually simple but not easy to do.

DESIRE, VISION and FIRST STEPS are conditions that must be assessed in order to understand change. Simple but not easy to do in practice. We work with your team to understand your company, culture and jobs before we help you hire top talent.

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Key technologies like Artificial Intelligence (Machine/Deep Learning), IoT, Blockchain, social, robotics and mixed reality - AR/VR - is already changing the way people work, learn, hire and onboard people. 

Companies do not change. People change.

Secret Tech Sauce Talent is a human capital agency led by Ben Martinez and comprised of highly experienced practitioners. Secret Tech Sauce Talent helps people inside of companies uncover the secrets of their work that often already exist because uncovering these secrets will make the most of their success. We call this your "Secret Tech Sauce".

We work with CEOs, CHROs, CFOs, Executives and Boards to help them become a talent-driven company and assure they are as focused on talent as they are on strategy and finance. Almost anyone can focus on talent, they just have to do the work. 

Welcome to

Secret Tech Sauce Talent. 


Services we provide:

  • Workshops: 1-3 day sessions, focusing on a specific human capital topic or challenge, for example: "Performance Management" or "Coaching" or "Change Management" or "Technology needed for Recruiting and Culture" or "Talent Attraction and Recruiting"

  • Topical Audits/Assessments: 1 day to 3 week assessment of your current human capital programs, alignment with business strategy, digital transformation and organizational strategy and structure. Includes documentation of current state, assessment of situation with key gaps and misalignments and recommendations to improve. Typical areas we explore related to transforming your Human Capital Programs are - Innovation, Strategy, Metrics, Brand, People, Technology and Process. 

  • Consulting Engagements: This is our Secret Tech Sauce - we individually scope each project to define, align and implement human capital strategies, programs and practices for your business. Look at us more like your HR or Talent team or an extension of your existing team.

  • In Depth Recruiting: Of all the factors around hiring great people, by far the number one driver is having a recruiter who knows your jobs, culture and partners with your hiring managers. It is that simple. We offer an in depth recruiting package that learns about your company, relationships with your hiring team and we partner to bring you the best people for your company. 

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Secret Tech Sauce is not an app or piece of technology that can fix your talent problems. We focus more on the mindset that is required to lead, listen and work with talent. When there is discipline and good practices in place a company can identify its secret sauce to work.

Once people and leaders find their secret sauce they can be trusted to lead and do the work they want to do. Leaders will know they are doing what is right for the mission of the company and the people will feel comfortable telling the leaders what they think is right for the company. When people have discipline, know their process, they can apply technology to their work and have the freedom to dream big and take the actions needed to achieve their dreams.

Your work is unique and it is your company's talent that has the secret sauce. Let it be uncovered, managed and unleashed to perform. 

What we work on (practice areas):


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Talent acquisition

Whether it is recruiting talent for your teams or building cutting-edge programs for your team to find talent, we focus on four areas:

  1. Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.
  2. New Interviewing Techniques.
  3. Using a Data approach when hiring.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Technology to cut out the transactional work of recruiting or routine candidate interactions.

DYK - New interview techniques are the way for many companies, such as assessing candidate soft skills (63%), understanding candidate weaknesses (57%) and interviewer bias (42%). 2018 Top Global Trends in Recruiting - LinkedIn



Culture is more than statements on a wall

talent management

To us, Talent Management is everything done to recruit, retain, develop, reward people at work. The only bad talent management strategy is no talent management strategy. We work with companies and focus on the following four areas: 

  1. Performance Management -Goal Setting, Coaching and Performance Reviews.
  2. Defining and refining your culture.
  3. Change Management - Leading through times of change.
  4. Career development and Succession planning.

DYK - Nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience. 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends


 Like the sound vibes of music, not everyone is attracted to the same sound vibes of a talent brand

Like the sound vibes of music, not everyone is attracted to the same sound vibes of a talent brand

Employment branding

With Employment Branding, we spend time with your employees who do the work and offer services in:

  1. Assessment and Audit of your current Talent Brand- metrics, recommendations - We map out the candidate experience.
  2. EVP - Employer Value Proposition and Talent Brand Playbook.
  3. Technology - What platforms should you exist on? Which ones to avoid?
  4. Content - Many companies are doing great things but do little to create content and showcase what they are doing. We shine the light and amplify the good work you are already doing.

DYK - “If candidates see positive employee and candidate experiences on review sites or in communication with peers, they feel more confident submitting their resume and making a career move.” Human Capital Institute & Wilson HCG's 2018 Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brand's Report


 " Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious ." George Orwell 1984

"Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious." George Orwell 1984


Artificial Intelligence (Machine/Deep Learning), IoT, ATS, Video, Text, Audio, Social Media, HRIS, etc. - All this technology impacts your people. We look at your technology through the lens of Human Capital and offer the following and customize each approach based on company phase and growth:

  1. Full Employee Life Cycle - Technology Assessment related to Human Capital.
  2. Ways to grow adoption and training of Human Capital technology and how it can be used to drive company strategy and goals.
  3. We recommend the right HR Technology for your business and where your business is going. 

DYK - HR should partner with IT to help make sure HR technology is synergistic with other new systems. For example, most of the new performance management tools have plug-ins to work with offerings such as Salesforce and Slack. - Josh Bersin HR Technology Disruptions 2018 - Deloitte