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Go All Out

In case you can't identify the face behind the mustache in this picture, it is famous NY Jets QB Joe Namath.  Namath once said, "If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?".

When you walk into work tomorrow, in your next board meeting, at home, with a customer or on the tennis court, think about that one for a moment.  Why bother if you aren't going all out?  There are three types of days a person can have.  The first type is the day he dreams of having, the second is the day he had and the third is the day he wished he had.

Just as an example.  Take a look at Smithy in the video below.  He goes all out.  To many people Smithy might look bad, but he doesn't care what other people think.  He knows and believes he is the best and he goes all out.  Smithy has won the biggest battle.  The one battle between his ears.  Are you going all out in your business?