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The Customer Is Always Right, But What Else?

Small company branding is much more than creating a fancy logo.  Do you really think someone is going to choose your company over another company because your logo is cool?  If you have a business on line do you think a customer cares about your products?  The answer is no to both questions. First, you need to realize that your actual brand image is determined by your audience. You only set the tone. You set the tone by your level of engagement and interaction with your audience.  It takes time and effort to drive engagement.  The "Social Media Boom" has allowed many social media marketers to learn some important lessons.  Being comfortable letting go of that control is one of the lessons.  Thus, be smart about building your brand.  Don't be the bad example.  Be the good one.  Don't give up.  Speak up, ask for help and keep going.

Second, if you are using on-line marketing to get the word about your products.  Stop that too.  People only care about themselves and their problems.  Change your marketing messages to focus on your audience and your audiences problems.  In short, identify your audience and listen to them.  See more on how to get your customers to behave at Inbound Marketing University. Riverbend Media's audience is basically people who want to use on-line video services to get found on the web.  They want more exposure for their brand or business.  Nobody cares that we can build custom websites or blogs or webcast live events across the world.  Our audience really only wants to know how we can help them solve their problems.

What is your company's brand image?  What would your audience say it is?