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One Good Way To Find Your Best Self

Developing your personal brand is more of a journey than a task.  In your journey you must know who you are and what you are great at doing.  Finding this out involves more than just looking over your resume or career.  It involves a deep look at your life to discover your unique strengths and how those strengths have impacted other people close to you (i.e., family, friends, colleagues, and bosses, etc). The Reflected Best Self (RBS) exercise is one good way to find your best self.  Do not get sucked into the common 360 program for self-improvement.  Know your strengths and know how to win with them.  Just like tennis stud Roger Federer figured out one of his strengths was his forehand, you need to figure out what your strength is and then use it to develop your personal brand.  The RBS exercise is something that I have personally completed and experienced positive results and I have coached other people on how to use it too.

So as you go about your journey of developing your personal brand.  Go find out from the people that know you best of when you are at your best.  Go find your forehand or serve or whatever it is that you use to win matches in whatever your career is in life.