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Four Things to Consider Before You Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Profile

Recently our friends at Mashable posted an article on how to optimize your company profile on LinkedIn.  While it was sound advice for all the social media explorers out there, I recommend you think through some potential challenges before proceeding.  I'm talking about the challenges your boss or marketing folks will be asking you.  Below are four areas to consider: 1.  How will putting your products and services on the company profile tab impact search engine optimization (SEO)?  How do you find that out?  Go ask your marketing people.  If they can't help you seek help from Radian6 or Technorati .

2.  Find out if your audience is hanging out on LinkedIn.  If they are not.  Stop reading now and go somewhere else.  If your audience is on LinkedIn, then create a page and control it before someone else does.  There is no charge to do this.

3.  Do you have enough time to manage another social media channel?  You might already have a pretty Facebook page or 10,000 Twitter followers, but LinkedIn is whole different animal that will require another strategy.  Social interactions on this channel are much different.  The person managing this channel will need to know the social rules and norms of LinkedIn.

4.  Do you have the cash???  While creating a basic LinkedIn Company Profile will not cost your business money.  Taking advantage of the career tab and advertisements will cost your business money.  I recommend starting for free and then making the call later to see if it is something for your business.

I hope these four points above, help you think about LinkedIn and your company.  At a minimum, I recommend you create the basic company page at no cost.  This will give you some control over the profile page.  Because as it stands right now anyone can create your company's page and say what they want about your company.  It could even be me after a few heavy cocktails...