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What is your theme song today?

No matter what work you are doing, your head needs to be in the moment and your mind needs to be in a self accepting mood to produce high quality work.  Athletes use music to get focused before big events.  I use music all the time.  I put in music at home and watch my 17 month old son dance and get happy.  I use music at the gym to take my work out to a new high.  I use it to do boring work.    Whatever your reason is, just use the damn stuff! There will be times when nobody will listen to you or support what you are doing.  Those times get lonely.  Those times are when music can come in handy.  Below is one of my favorites.  I discovered this song during the 2010 Olympics.  This song was on a commercial with Apolo Ohno in it.    What are some of your favs? Please share.