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No Cons About Khan Academy

Student Debt Clock from 2010  

Today as I was browsing articles on Delicious I ran across a link about Khan Academy.  The name itself sounded like a fancy school that I should stay away from, however that is probably what peaked my interest to proceed.  After spending an unplanned 68 minutes on the site,  I had more knowledge and a better appreciation for what is in store for my children and the future of digital education.  I guess you could say Khan Academy achieved part of their mission with me.  Their mission is to provide worldwide education to anyone, anywhere.  Best of all it is free.  That's right.  You can learn all you want in this academy and it will not add to the outrageous student debt number above.

I like Khan Academy because it can help those people who need different learning environments to learn.  Basically I am saying whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner, Khan Academy will meet your needs.  You have complete control over your learning.   It is for people of all ages.  Now, I don't see this academy replacing our entire education system, but it will certainly help.

The next time I hear someone complain about how they do not have access to good education or the government has let there city down again, I plan to introduce them to Khan Academy.  Khan Academy is not about fancy degrees.  If you are looking to get a degree on a piece of paper so you can show your employer how smart you are, go elsewhere.  But if you are looking to broaden your knowledge or to prepare for higher learning or to expand your views of the world, Khan Academy seems to be a pretty damn good start.

Rather than have me rant on more about this site or repeat the awesome insight from a post by Aaron Saenz of Singularity Hub, check out their Youtube channel.  If you have the desire to learn, a computer that works, then you can put your mind to work with the Khan Academy.  The company who hosts this blog's domain, Riverbend Media, helps schools with distant education by getting their content on the web for learners.  Knowing that an organization like Khan Academy exists makes me feel proud to be part of the digital education revolution.  Okay.  I must go now.  I need to go teach my 17 month old son how to use a fork.  I wonder if Khan Academy can help with that?