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Buzzwords with The Doc, The Exec & Forest Gump

High level details,  benchmark, commoditize, deploy, a big fat burger corporate boy.  If you enjoy using corporate buzzwords then I recommend you buzz out of my face.  Buzzwords and the fancy execs or exec wannabees who use them, are the same people who think they are only adding value if their mouth is open.  These same buzzwords and the people who use them can now be seen in social media.  I see them get used all the time.  I can't seem to escape them.  I go to meetings and hear them.  I scan social media sites and see more of them.  Maybe I'm the problem.  Maybe I'm the dumb ass.  Who me? Couldn't be.  Then who is?

Well, it seems that buzzwords started a young age Daniel Son.  Remember when you were in grade school and words like dude, far out, or rad was cool to say?  Okay, maybe only my crowd used those words and you were in the science club building our future.  But my point is that somewhere early in life we thought it was cool to use buzzwords.  In grade school we used them to increase our chances of becoming socially accepted into a certain circle of friends.  If you were a skater then you might say skate or die dude.  If you were a jock then you might say something more stupid.  These words just changed as we got older and we started to use them at work to be more accepted by peers or bosses.

Imagine if you went to the doctor and he or she used buzzwords to tell you about your diagnosis.  It might go something like this:

Doc: Ben, I am here to tell you the big picture of your landscape.  You see at a very high level you are having connectile dysfunction with your c-level execs.  You need to identify your critical path at the table, get some more face time with your c-level execs so you can have more mindshare with them and downsize anyone that is trying to boil the ocean.

Ben: Ok.  How exactly can you help me with that?

Doc: At the end of the day, we need to have some dialogue on all the actions that are needed.  This will help you close the loop.

Ben: Wow.  Gee Doc, you are smart.  I never knew that.

Would this ever happen? I hope not.  Most of the good doctors speak clear, direct and blunt when necessary.  They don't sugar coat.  They tell you what your situation is, recommend a solution and get the hell out of the patient's room so they can go flirt with their nurse or drive their cool car.  Obviously, I am not a doctor so do not take what I say as bible.  But please people.  If you work in a corporate environment or need to communicate with people (that's most of you).  Be brief, be bright and be gone.

The next time you get slammed with buzzwords.  Call someone out on it.  Use English, not made up words from your lame mind.  I may not know what fancy words is, but I do know what English is Jenny!  Forest Gump had a way of using concise sentences and brevity to get his point across.  So can you.