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One Way To Do A Good Job

Staying close to your business to better understand how it makes money should be one of your primary objectives.  Regardless of your job title, this should be your focus.  Know at least this much and you will know how to do a good job.

People often run into problems because they spend most of their day trying to figure out what it means to do a good job. Unless you are in a position within the company (i.e., CEO) that has clear objectives for how your tasks relate to increasing profit or shareholder value, then you are similar to fat on a human body that needs to justify why you exist.

You come to work on time, do your job, keep your boss happy and go home.  But, how do you know you did a good job? Do you go home feeling like you made a difference in yourself or someone else?  Doing just a good job is no guarantee that you won't get asked to leave tomorrow. No body really cares that you stayed late last night to do a good job.  So please do not brag about it tomorrow.

What should you be doing to make an impact?  What point of view should you be sharing at your next meeting? If you left your job tomorrow, would anyone remember you?  Why are you doing what you are doing?  Go find out and then ask yourself if you should stay in your job or go.

In corporate America, do not wait for your manager or some angel to come tell you how good of a job your doing.  It is not going to happen.  Go figure it out yourself on what it means to do a good job.  Do not wait for your next lame ass staged annual performance review.