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Why Ask Why?

Why do you attend a meeting at work? Do you believe in the leader of the meeting (that could be you)?  Do you personally want to attend the meeting or is it because you have to attend the meeting.  If you do not believe you should be in the meeting then go do something else.  Would your CEO want you doing something that you do not believe in? I doubt it.

I am not suggesting that you use beliefs as a way to duck out of hard work.  Instead know why you do what you do and how you help your company.  Then go do what you planned to do.  Do not waste your time or people's time by doing something stupid.  You will make the company more successful and go home sooner to your family. You can go enjoy some Bud Dry.  I titled this message "Why Ask Why" after the beer Bud Dry.  That was their slogan back in the 90s.  Okay,  you are probably thinking that it is not that easy.  You are correct Einstein.  It is much easier to be stupid by attending meetings that you do not believe in.  Yeah...just sit back and let your mind wander during that next boring meeting.  That is easy. 

If you are invited to a meeting then you have the right to say no.  If you are leading the meeting, tell people why you believe you need a meeting and what you plan to get out of the meeting.  If you are really good your people will believe in you and believe they need to attend the meeting.  That type of person is called a leader.  If you can't be one, then follow one.  If you can't follow one then get out of the way.  Leading a meeting comes down to being clear on your intent.  I just stepped off my soapbox.  I guess you could say that is why I believed I needed to say the above message.