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Are You A Chuck Norris OR A Country Clubber?

Know your leadership style.  Chuck Norris knows his.  After all he taught a class called "Ass Kicking 101" and there were no survivors.  Okay...don't get me started on Chuck Norris quotes.  I don't know if any of them are true, but my point is that he has a style and he knows how to use it.

So what is your leadership style?  What is the way you guide, influence or direct people? You don't have to work in business to want to know this about yourself.  We all have one.  Be aware of what your style is and develop competencies and skills around it to your advantage.

For example, I am a country club style leader. Check out the Blake Mouton grid to learn more about your style.  In so many words I have been told this is my style and witnessed it myself.  This style has pros and cons.  The good trait about my style is that it typically makes people feel happy and secure about their jobs.  It also allows people to work in a relaxed and fun way.  However, the bad part is that I tend to forget about giving direction or taking control of the wheel to steer my team in the right direction.  Thus production can suffer if I don't watch out.

How do I overcome this fatal flaw?  I have to use my country club style to my advantage by making connections and building relationships.  Once a trusting relationship is developed I practice being self aware and give people the guidance they need to improve results.  When I lead meetings, projects or work individually with people, I force myself to focus more on scheduling and monitoring project progress versus making sure everyone feels good.  Since my natural style is to "country club" with people, I need to continually monitor this to assure I am being effective in my role.

So what is your style?  Everybody has one?  How can you use it to your advantage so Chuck Norris doesn't kick your A@#?  When is your natural style hurting you?