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Help Others to Earn Online Currency

To begin with, “online currency” should first be defined.  The internet needs to better define what online social currency is.  However, the internet is not a person, it’s an environment.  Thus it is up to you and me to define it. 

Online currency is not something you can see in a bank and use to buy Starbucks lattes.  The online world or web is about sharing information that is valuable to your audience.  It’s about creating cool stuff to share with people. It is NOT collecting a bunch of followers on Twitter and influential friends of friends on Facebook or LinkedIn so Klout can give you a high score.  The more an online person shares and helps others, the more online currency that person should have.  Klout or no other tool can measure that. 

My social online currency is only valuable if my audience values what I share.  If my audience relies on me for respected human resource advice, social media promotions of their stuff or whatever it is they value, then my currency should be high with them.  To date, many of the HR Carnival peeps (i.e., HR blogging group) are not in my audience.  Thus, they do not know me well enough to trust me.  It’s not that I have done anything to discern their trust.  We plainly do not have enough online experience together.  These experiences build trust and allows us to help one another.  So I would imagine my online currency level with most of the HR Carnival crowd is low.  But we can work on that.

In short, my online currency is only valuable when I can identify what my audience wants to hear and help them by sharing information and connecting with them.  As I earn more online currency with my audience there will be people who don’t know me and who don’t like me.  Kind of like a celebrity.