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My 3 Words for Twenty 12

The begining of each year brings the urge, useful or not, to review our life over the last 12 months and make resolutions for the New Year.  So what were your greatest moments of 2011?  Do we even have greatest moments?  If you are reading this blog, you may already know that I basically FAILED to keep writing after August. BUT, I have a good excuse.  We had our 2nd child in August and I have been busy doing the diaper dance with 2 kiddos since then. Basically I learned that blogging takes WORK.  Blogging is like jogging a marathon.  It's not a sprint, it is a journey.  At least that's what I hear marathon running is like.  I have never run one nor do I plan to.  Okay back to blogging...You need to continually ask yourself why the hell are you doing it.  If you can answer why, then go figure out how to do it.  I blog because it allows me to raise awareness of my skills to people and improve my thought leadership abilities for my personal and professional life.

Rather than me tell you how miserably I failed in last year's resolutions OR sign up for a list of 2012 resolutions that will stress me out, I will do something different.  I am choosing THREE words that will sum up my principles and what I plan to focus on for 2012.  My Three Words are listed below:

  1. Energy
  2. Assertive
  3. Patience

If you look closely, the first 3 letters from each of my three words form the initials, E.A.P.  Most HR junkies or mental people know about E.A.P.  Now let me break down my E.A.P. for you. These words are meant to help me stay focused on all the balls that will be thrown in my face for 2012.

"Energy" is intended to remind me that without energy, I have no power to move mentally or physically.  I must make a conscious effort each day to manage my energy.  I build positive energy by getting enough sleep, healthy foods, exercise and spiritual time.  Got it.  Pretty simple on paper but difficult to practice.  Again, no energy equals no power to move my ASS each day.

The word "Assertive" is to make sure that I take the bull by the horns and develop solutions in response to all the unpredictable data and circumstances that will come my way in twenty 12.  Somewhere in my travels I heard the saying "life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it".  So I plan to tackle anything that is thrown my way in 2012 and maximize the probability of success with it by behaving more assertive.

Lastly, "Patience".  That's right a little Guns N' Roses to soothe the soul.  Too much praise or criticism might get in the way of what I plan to accomplish this year.  Thus, I will be patient by focusing on each moment and take time to listen to my breathes. This should help me look for the obvious or unobvious of the situation.

***My bonus word is "Help".  If I am not helping others (family first, then work peeps) then I am not doing my part in life.  If you think I came up with this Three Word idea myself, you obviously don't know me well enough.  I would like to thank Chris Brogan for giving me the idea.  Thanks Chris!

So what are your THREE words?  It could be as easy as S#!T, Shower, and Shave. Peace out and be ready to hear from me once per week in twenty 12.