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WorkPlace Stress. Deal With It OR Get High

I recently listened to an FOT podcast where they interviewed Ed Frauenheim Senior Editor from who had some views and research on how "pressed and stressed" people are becoming in their jobs.  This got me thinking about what stress does to your confidence.  Confidence in business or sports is a must have.  My drug of choice proposed below will build your confidence and help you manage the stress in your life. To get us on the same page, think of confidence as a feeling or mental state, not a competency.  Think back of the times when you were confident.  Maybe you prepared for a big presentation or sporting event.  Minutes before the event you felt confident.  You probably felt this way because you knew your stuff better than anyone else in the room.  You felt prepared and capable of anything.

 On the other hand, stress is something we need.  It reminds us that we exist and are alive.  But too much will kill us and not enough will bore us.  Your only option is to control how you deal with it.  The more you can deal with it, the more you can take.  My drug prescription for you is to get high on "e".  Yeah, before, during, or after work... go get high.  To make sure we are on the same page, "e" stands for endorphins.  Endorphins are released through physical activity (exercise) and interacts with your brain.  They get released when you exercise hard enough and taddda, you are high.  Please note, they do not get released for you skinny or fat wimps who exercise by glazing at the TV while you lightly jog on a machine.

You must exercise to the point where you release those endorphins and feel good.  Before you know it, you are higher than Snoop Dog, but can still pass a drug test.  Now, capture that feeling. That feeling is confidence baby. Go to work and knock the socks off people in your boardroom.  Assuming you have done your homework on what you are presenting, getting high on "e" will take you to the next level.  Go try it.  I also believe you can achieve this feeling through prayer or medidation.  But that's all I have for today.  I need to go get some "e".

What is your trick to get "e"?  How do you get it during the day? Don't let stress bring you down.