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Prediction: LinkedIn Will Replace Internal Company Career Management Systems

The guy in the picture is me predicting that LinkedIn will replace your company's slow and beauracratic career management software system.  You know the one that you check once per year and it has your people's talent and career management profiles.  Assuming you want updated career history and skills on any of your colleagues, an updated LinkedIn profile has more to offer than a confusing MSDOS type screen found on the company career management site.   There are some good performance/career management systems (Rypple seems okay so far). But many are behind the times in terms of web 2.0 technologies. Let me illustrate an example of how LinkedIn is better:

1.  You are a recruiter and you have a hot job opening that you want to fill with internal talent.

2.  You hear the name of some awesome Stud who works in your company, but in a different division and state or country for that matter.

3.  If you are lucky you remember your password to your company's career managment system and you get in on the first try.  But do to some anal security rule you can't view his background.  So you email the Stud's HR person only to discover she is on vacation for 2 weeks.  You then ask around and find a different HR person that can help.  This takes a couple days and after 2.5 days you get the Stud's career history.

4.  ***But are a savvy HR pro who has paid attention to SHRM trends and you know there are better ways to do this.  Linkedin.  What?  Yes...go there to learn about the Stud.  You go to Linkedin and you see a picture, his education, his skills and his last 13 years of working experience.  You even see that the Stud has as blog and twitter account linked to his profile.  So you check that out.  Within one hour on LinkedIn you found all you need to know about the Stud.  Soon, you will be so good at this, that you can do it on your iPhone in line at Starbucks and it will only take you 10 minutes.

In a perfect world, your internal career management system would be just as good if not better than Linkedin.  I am not suggesting you put your career management system on Linkedin for everyone to view.  But I propose that you make your system so easy to use that your crazy uncle could figure it out during a family reunion.  Same goes for the performance management system too, which I bet needs improvement.

I'm done slamming internal career managment systems.  I should probably take my own medicine and update my LinkedIn profile to set a good example for others.