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Your Great Ideas Are Like Your Kids. The Only Person Who Believes They Are Great, Is You!

Elmo from Sesame StreetGreat ideas are every where.  They can be found on blogs, at your work, home or maybe from Elmo.  It is tough to describe what a great idea looks like.  A great idea to you may sound like a stupid idea to someone else.  What I have found with great ideas is that each one takes time to become great.  They usually aren't born over night.  Successful people aren't either, right?  Have you ever thought of a great idea, shared it with someone else and received a bad response?  I'm sure you have. In my experience with getting great ideas rejected, there are usually 3 basic responses.  These are:

1) Great idea.  I wish I would have thought of that too, now leave me the hell alone so I can get back to my real job.

2) Great idea.  Let me tell you a couple ways to make it better for you and me. Mmm, I love this response.

3) Bad idea.  That will never work here. Go somewhere else stupid.

Your best response from above is #2.   But any of the responses will give you free feedback that you can work into your idea to make it better.  Do not give up.  Be mentally prepared to go through this process a few times.  It might even take months or years.

I am currently working on a great idea that recieved the "bad idea" response from several people a few years ago.  Back in about 2009, many HR Leaders saw no value in web 2.0 and talent management.  Now all sorts of people want in on that idea.  I'm not trying to act like Al Gore and take credit for the social media wave in talent management, like he did with the internet.  I'm just saying that I introduced this idea to some smart people and was laughed out of the room.  It was not my idea, I just saw the value in it for me and my business.

The lesson learned is find an idea you believe in and stick to it.  Just like you would with your own child.  You see the greatness in them and push them to their capacity.  Same with your great ideas.  See the potential and make it grow into something big.

What ideas are you working on that you believe to be great?  What about ideas that can improve HR?  Go talk to the people who actually make money for the company. They will happily tell you ideas about how HR can improve the company.  If you believe it is a good idea, then build on it and go tell the people about your ideas and most likely they will give you one of the 3 responses above.  In either response, don't give up. Just keep moving forward.