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Digital HR: The New Era Old Boys Club

Men's Club and Digital HR Jessica Lee, Director of Digital Talent Strategy for Marriott International, recently discussed digital influence for HR pros.  Check it out, here, to learn more.  Sad, but true, I am still stuck talking with HR Pros about the whole Social Media 101 for HR thing.  No worries though...I will keep charging forward.  Something good will come out of this.  At least, that's the plan.

The way I see it, digital for HR Pros is a like the "New Era Old Boys Club".  The old era, old boys club, is still doing social media 101 for HR seminars while the "New Era Old Boys Club" is busy doing the real work in HR and moving our profession forward. doesn't matter what your age is for either club.  I have seen old people in the new era club and young people in the old era club.  So don't whine or bitch or turn this into a generational issue.

Anyways, after reading Jessica's post on digital influence, I want to share a real story of how people are knowingly or unknowingly using their digital influence to get work.

Here's the story:  A candidate named Jim wanted to work for a top notch company.  On paper, Jim had it all.  Many years at Blue Chip companies and good schools.  He could probably run a fast 40 yard dash too.  He was sponsored by a top notch recruiter who was pushing to get Jim a job at this top notch company.  Once Jim's resume was sent around the company, Jim knew the influence game had just begun.  Once his resume was submitted, Jim started to connect with people via different social media channels.  Jim even had an awesome blog that addressed some of the challenges the top notch company needed help in.

After two or three months of Jim's digital influencing tactics,  more people knew about him and his personal brand.  In just a few months, his name was like Lynnsanity from the NY Knicks.  People knew him and he was now known as Jimsanity.

By the time of Jim's actual job interview, everyone knew about Jim because he had connected with them and built online relationships.  Jim just had to show up, say hi and the job was his.  But Jim knew he had to do more than digital influence.  Now he had to use his charisma to influence the interview panel.  During the interview he proved that the digital version of Jim matched the real Jim.  Jim was really that good.  The interview panel was infected with Jimsanity. The interview panel was able to use the interview to build on trust that was already known about Jim from his digital reputation and to learn more about his skills and experiences.  So do you think Jim could have landed the job without his digital influence? How did his Jimsantity reputation help him? Is Jim in the "New Era Old Boys Club"?