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How To Be An HR Dumb Expert. Know Your Enemy.

Leaders and Innovators.  They come to our companies and spread ideas faster than an infectious disease outbreak.  This is good for company growth.  Your CEO wants this.  And so do you.  Problem is you are an expert...You are competent and work hard to keep your expert status.  You protect your status with certifications -->SPHR and/or MBA initials--> after your email signature. This shows how famous you are.  As Seth Godin points out,  Competence is the enemy of change! In HR, we are experts.  We need to be cautious of competent creation.  We create new benefit programs, insurance plans, vacation policies, performance management systems or training programs.  You name it.  We create it.  Problem is when these creations go wrong, as they often do, competent people resist change. We resist it by making excuses or ignoring the reality that our creations are not helping.

The light at the end of the recession tunnel can be seen.  This is causing a shift from an old world (2007) to a new world (2012 and beyond).  Enemies of change will surface...You will want to look normal and be an expert in this change. This is what we want, but not what we need.  Admit you are doing it wrong.  This will change the norm.  Get comfortable looking and feeling dumb.  This is how you learn.  Quit fighting the change.  Break rules and take authority before it's given to you.   As long as you...Bring in more cash or save cash.  Create growth or profit.  People will like that and nobody can stop it.

Do you know your enemy? See Rage clip above. Come on!  It's the stuff we fight hard to keep.  That old process that we continue to do without asking why.  Maybe the new talent management system is creating more work.  Maybe the hiring process is slow and costly.  Changing the norm will cause fights.  It will make you and other people look dumb.  It means we have that tough conversation that has been wedged between us for 7 months.  That tough conversation will involve making decisions about my career, your career, and stuff we don't know.  Let's make a decision or agree that we can't. Think you're good at change, then change yourself.  I need to change too.

Digital continues to cause change.  Work has changed for all and will continue to change.  The experts will be the people who can figure out how to get stuff done via web 2.0.  They do not need a famous degree or certification to figure that out.  Have a tough job to fill, but no money to recruit?  Better figure out how to leverage digital to your advantage.  Can't find a job?  Go figure out how to make yourself stand out.  Most of the crowd still applies online to a company website.  Set yourself apart.  Seek out people in the company and connect with them.

Time has come to pay more tribute to the people who have passion and are motivated to rise above the rest.  There is no man to bring you down.  The  digital network is the man.  You have to figure out how to leverage yourself into a winning position with it. Run away from or laugh at the experts.  In HR, many of us are the experts.  Be a dumb expert.  Not a self claimed one.