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Memo to Gen Y: Your Experience Counts. Sort of...

Generation Y Memo to Gen Y: Getting more experience does not mean getting more years of experience.  Only in union environments or wine does age help.  Abraham Lincoln probably said it best, "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count.  It's the life in your years." No matter your generation, you can't argue w/ Abe.  Here are 4 things to do about the years of experience hurdle.  Oh yeah.  If you want to hear some serious biatching about the Gen Y thing, click over to Tim Sackett's post--> HERE. 

1.  Show them you can problem solve.  It hurts to think.  Your future/current boss wants someone who can think, because it hurts their head when they think.  He/she does not want to explain how to do something.  Find out why something needs to be done and figure out how to get it done.  There is no playbook on how to do a good job.  Show your future employer how you figured something out.  You will need to think about this.

2.  Be confident.  Not cocky, but confident.  You will interview with people of all generations.  Confidence in yourself will instill confidence in them.  This confidence will make them want to hire you.

3.  Ask good questions.  There are dumb questions.  Don't ask them.  Never ask the standard benefit (i.e., insurance, vacation, etc.) questions.  Ask what people at the company do to encourage dreaming.  Find out if they care about your passions.  Do they encourage people to pursue their passions? If so, good.  If not, you will go nuts.

4.  Show how you can: 1) make or save money, 2) help people, or 3) contribute to company growth in some way.  Show this and any future employer will want you.  If you show them and they don't want you.  They are clueless.  You are better off somewhere else.

There.  Four ways to get around the years of experience hurdle.  No matter your generation.  The hurdles are there.  Choose to see them as opportunities, not excuses. Lastly, don't cry about it.  That will only prove you are not experienced.  Just shut up and do something about it.