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The 4 Types Of HR Decision Makers

HR Decisions

Make a decision.  You went to a famous business or HR school to improve how you make decisions.  Why do you have to "check in" with your 7 bosses to spend $108 dollars?  Did you research it? Did you use the decision making tools you learned in famous whatever school?  Most of these tools involve the "check in".  If so, you are good.  Go.  The more you check in, the more incapable you are.  Make a decision to improve the profit of the company, not for exposure from your 7 bosses.  Four types of decision makers...

1-->The Softballer.  You lob easy decisions in the air for everyone to see.  Pretty obvious what the answer is, but softballer don't care.  Softballer makes decisions to look like a hero in front of 7 bosses.  Brown nosers love these decision making scenes. They create them or find ways to show up to the scene.  Might be a decision to hire an all-star candidate.  Everybody wants in on those types of decisions. Easy.

2-->The Faker.  You know the winning answer to the decision, but do not want to say it.  Instead you schedule a 3 hour meeting on Friday afternoon to talk through the decision.  Makes you feel in control because you know the answer.  Everyone else is checked out and waiting for beer 30.  Toby type HR people love these decision making scenes.  They look cool and make a decision.

3-->The Worker.  You have worked out a solution.  You met with other people inside and outside the company.  Most people know the worker is working on the decision, but nobody knows where it stands.  It is because the worker is too busy working on the solution.  Eventually the worker will present the solution to the people who need to know.  Most of whom are the 7 bosses.

4-->The Pusher.  You push the agenda to make a decision.  You will push it through people and walls.  Often times, sales people are good pushers.  Sometimes, they push too hard and disrupt the organization.

Which one are you?  Which one should you be?  Let me give you hint.  Not option 1 or 2.  Should be a combination of 3 & 4.  I am sure you knew that.  You are an HR Pro with famous credentials.