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Stalwart HR Pro OR Draftsmen HR Pro. Which One Are You?

StalWart HR Pro Vs. Draftsmen HR Pro Influencing HR leaders to use social technologies for HR and recruiting is a job itself.  This is due to the conflicting styles of Stalwart HR Pros (HR Pro who is firm and resolute and steadfastly supports the organization with existing HR solutions) vs. Draftsmen HR Pros (HR Pro who draws plans or designs new HR solutions).  The Ying/Yang of HR.  Let me give you the breakdown.  Which one you are...

Stalwart HR Pros-->Ying

  • Love to create processes and procedures for all tasks.  Stalwarts have an existing process to address any business issue.  They get goose bumps when they have a chance to explain an existing process on powerpoint to a client.
  • Stalwarts are good, but they can be so rigid to protocol they lose sight of the end result.  They can drown in detail about a process to the point where it slows the business down or make you search for long lost friends on Facebook because you want to avoid them.
  • Stalwart create performance appraisal processes that miss the mark, nit-pick powerpoint presentations and over engineer HR metrics (i.e., engagement metrics, etc).  Stalwarts have a process on how to create a process.  A Stalwart would go psycho about the quality of my ying/yang photo above.
  • During times of chaos (i.e., reorganizations or sticky terminations) I want a Stalwart HR Pro on my team.
  • Stalwarts are still trying to create a social media policy for your organization.  Hard core Stalwarts already have a strict policy in place.

Draftsmen HR Pros-->Yang

  • Business leaders want Draftsmen HR pros on their team. Draftsmen empower and encourage people to push boundaries.
  • Draftsmen HR Pros do not have existing processes to address business issues. They hate existing process or procedure.  However, they love to think of a new way to solve a business issue.
  • Draftsmen love chaos, freedom and flexibility,  but sometimes lack focus.  They rely on the Stalwarts for consistency.
  • Draftsmen HR Pros are the ones pushing social technologies for HR and recruiting.  This is good, but not good enough.

Stalwart HR Pros hate flexible environments.  They want things consistent and clear.  Draftsmen HR Pros are the exact opposite.  They want freedom and flexibility.  Both types stress each other out, but both need each other.  Draftsmen are busy thinking of new ways to make the business better with social technologies.  Stalwarts are busy thinking how current processes will change by social trends.  Stalwarts and Draftsmen need each other.  Both have strengths for the social HR transformation. Would love to see a Stalwart and Draftsmen team up to create a strategy for social and HR.  That would be a game changer.  The Draftsman could create a compelling vision and the Stalwart would measure its success.  The end result...reduction in hiring costs and employment branding geared towards talent on-line. So which one are you...a Stalwart or Draftsmen? Are their more Stalwarts or Draftsmen at #SHRM12?