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#SHRM12 LeBron James Hater Farewell Party

LeBron Haters and #SHRM12Calling LeBron Haters.  I know #SHRM12 has plenty of them. The media hooked you.  In the past two years mainstream media (ESPN & others) created a community of LeBron James haters.  You were one of them.  You can still hate, but he briefly silenced you with his recent NBA title. The media is aware of this silence and can't find enough content to feed the hater community. Now who you going to hate?  Who's it going to be?  Before LeBron it was Tiger Woods.  After LeBron it will be someone else.  Just wait.  So what's my point? Point is it's human nature to look at the negative.  Negative breeds hate.  The media knows this and markets to you this way.  This hatred mentality occurs in your organizations too.  Happens all the time.  Just like LeBron haters and other sports and celebritiy figures, we look for people in our organizations that can be our hero or villain.  People hate someone for something that said or did years ago.  Can't let go of the hate until that person leaves the company.  That someone can be a person high up or anyone in the organization.

Here are some examples of how negative turns into hate...

---> A big sales forecasting business meeting ends.  Post meeting at the water cooler the only talk about the meeting is what will go wrong with the forecast.  This talk then turns into talk about a specific person.  Over a period of time, this talk turns into hate.  Maybe the person has it coming OR maybe people just want to hate, but please know that nobody ever gets a forecast correct. So how can you hate?

--->A new manager is promoted and now makes more money than you.  Yeah... you see where this is going. People are jealous for right or wrong reasons.  They might not use the word hate, but their behaviors reflect hate in how they talk about the new manager.  These are haters.

--->A new IT system is implemented.  The system changes the way people do work.  People need to hate someone for it.  They choose anyone they can find to hate about it.  Hint...if you work in HR and have implemented any new technology (i.e., new online performance system OR online benefits system, etc).  You are hated.

In (outside too) organizations we need less haters. Haters are complainers.  We need people who can make something.  The best way to complain is to make something.  If a process is broken.  Don't complain.  Make something to make it better. If people hate someone, go befriend that person.  This takes work.  Might be tough, but they will appreciate it.

So why do we hate?  Because it is easy.  We sit on the sidelines and pick a part a project.  We critique someone's performance to the point of hatred.  That is easy, but making something that will last, takes work.  My question to you is... are you making something? OR hating something/one?  What are people #SHRM12 doing to make something?