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How To Lead Ideas From #SHRM12 Without Being There

Ways to Connect at #SHRM12 I got it.  Most of my profession attended #SHRM12 this past week.  Not me.  I was back at my organization adding value.  At least that's what I like to tell myself. Not sure what my clients would say.  Anyways.  Unless you were busy in South Beach partying with LeBron and the Miami Heat, you probably already know SHRM had a big show in Atlanta this week.  Jealous you couldn't' make it?  I know I was.  So let me throw down 3 ways to take advantage of the knowledge shared from the #SHRM12 show without being there.

---> First, follow Fistful Of Talent and check out there interviews and blog posts.  Let them screen out the bad HR so you can see real talent pros talk.

---> Second, close your eyes and imagine you were there to see Malcom Gladwell or Jim Collins speak.  If you read their books (like all good HR pros have), then you can imagine what they might say.  I'm sure someone recorded their lecture too....anyone?

---> Third and most important.  Find an HR Pro in your town who went to the show.  How do you find them?  Start with Twitter and search #SHRM12.  Offer to buy them coffee and chat with them.  This is called networking.  You know that thing you tell your employees to do when they want to advance their careers. Yeah.  That's right, networking.  I have to do it too.

There you go.  Three ways to find out what happened at #SHRM12 and lead others without being there.  Maybe next year I will go to Chicago #SHRM13 and it will change my agnostic views about SHRM.  Until then, see you around the blogosphere...

 Photo Credit: Dice-The career hub for tech.