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Twitter Drops LinkedIn & LinkedIn Drops Lazy Social Recruiters

TwitterBuenos días McFly (that's Spanish for wake the F#$* up) .  If you recruit on social you are probably aware of the recent announcement that Twitter dropped their 3-year partnership with LinkedIn.  Not going to share the financials of why it happened, but the change will screw with your automated social recruiting strategy.  That social strategy you put together with fancy automated applications.   Many recruiters who operate on Twitter are the reason why the partnership was dropped (my opinion).  You thought were cool and clever by installing a shortcut in your work.  You wanted a mass market to hear your brand messages and it back fired. Fact is, you are lazzzzyyyyy... So lazy that every change is driving you crazy.  The latest Twitter/LinkedIn change will force you to work harder or lose your LinkedIn audience.  You will now have to work and build a community on LinkedIn without tweeting to us about your new #spaghetti recipe. As for your Twitter audience.  They might still like you.  Problem is... most your clients (candidates) are on LinkedIn.  They are tired of hearing about your new #spaghetti recipe and think bad thoughts about you.  So what can you do if you are a lazy social recruiter?

First, realize that HR Pros are finally starting to come around to the social bandwagon.  Many are getting their own LinkedIn Recruiter applications.  The smart and nimble ones will learn how to use it to their advantage.  The damn smart ones will build relationships with the people they find on LinkedIn, not just update them with Tweets.  Maybe it's time to do a "Pivot"  as FOT Nation Leader, Kris Dunn, points out and and re-assess your social recruiting strategy.  Even though you are lazy, you are ahead of most HR Pros and their adoption of social.  At least you have that advantage.  Go figure out what to do with it now...

Regardless of the social site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest) we are there to be informed OR entertained.  Figure out which one you are doing and do it well.

Photo Credit: iAppFind