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Web 2.0 For HR Is So Overt It's Covert

So Overt It's CovertWeb 2.0 (i.e., social networking, blogs, video sharing, etc) is so overt you can see it and use it, but so covert your CEO may not know "enough" about it.  How much is "enough"?  Enough is when you don't fear it anymore. Us, HR people are tricky to influence about Web 2.0.   We are trained to look at the negative.  We are called the HR Police for a reason.  Sherlock Holmes was so overt that he was covert.  Web 2.0 for HR compares to Sherlock.   Still want to do more with Web 2.0 for HR/recruiting?  Good for you, but your classic HR Pros look at it as a liability, not a cool technology.  Ask yourself if the effort to manage the liability will be worth the return.  I bet it is worth it. Do you remember when the phone was invented?  Probably not because it was invented in the late 1800s.  But learning how to use a phone is damn important to your life and business.  That's how we need to look at web 2.0. Another communication device.  An important one and we need to learn how to use it.  Web 2.0 will one day be replaced by something else, but the need to learn digital skills will still exist. .

Having a social media strategy is probably not the first place to start with Web 2.0.  Figuring out what you want out of social is where I would start.  For recruiters it's finding out where the web's "conversation" takes place, then researching the people who are influencing that "conversation".  For communication people it's finding out how to use it to share the vision of your CEO. That's what people want and need to know.

Remember I mentioned fear above?  Well, fear shows up when you don't understand something.  I understand your fear.  So what do you do when "they" don't understand Web 2.0?  First figure out who "they" is. Then make it real easy and interesting for them to understand.  Align it with the strategies of your organization.  Find your believers and early adopters of Web 2.0 and interact with them via social networking.  Be patient and believe.  Social and other parts of Web 2.0 is overt yet still covert with many HR people.  HR Pros using Web 2.0 are Sherlock Holmes.  Keep using it to learn how it can help your organization grow.  That's how it's changing our organizations and the future of work.