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Romanticism In Your HR Life

German Romantic Landscape Painter-David Friedrich We are back to a Romanticism era.  The Wizard of Oz taught us.  Remember Dorothy?   A tornado swept her away into a disaster.  She did a Click, Click, Click with her shiny red shoes and bam....Back home in Kansas. We expect this when our life is a disaster. We expect our life stories to end romantic.  We expect to sit on our front porch again.  Normal to expect/think, but not how it works.

Romanticism starts in the morning with your imaginative vision and is blurred by a 9AM rainstorm.  Your computer crashes.  No cell coverage.  The LCD projector breaks down.  This is normal.  Oh wait.  There's more.  Your new boss assigns you boring work.  The work you like is being done by someone else.  Your career strategy is based on hope and luck.  You forgot your password to your 401k account.  Lastly, your dog hates you and someone stole your bike.   We hate this.  Click. Click. Click.  There's no place like home.  Sorry.  Ain't happening.  Accept your situation, then Pivot as our team member, Kris Dunn points out.  Change directions.

Deal with it like a duck in water.  Calm on the surface but paddle like hell underneath.  I have to change.  You have to change. What romance are you hoping for in HR? Here are some.

1. The obvious.  Web 2.0 for HR or whatever business.  Need I say more? Don't believe me?  Try it for 90 days and tell me what you learnt.  Then keep going

2. Wellness.  Everyone wants in on this game.  The healthier we are the less costs we have.  If you are not walking the talk, we see this and laugh behind your back.  Don't preach wellness.  Just lead by example.

3. Workplace stress.  We have excess stress. Recognize it.  Offer ways to de-stress.  Next time you see Finance Bob leaving for a lunch work-out,  high five him.  His body will thank you.

4.  The Performance Management System.  Odds are it needs improvement.  Managers, HR, and the human race hate the annual appraisal. We want continuous feedback.  Not a controlling system that comes with an operators manual.  Stop what you are doing.  Change directions.  Find social software that people WANT to use to advance their career, achieve their goals and get feedback and coaching.  Use social to force real life conversations.  Performance conversations will shift to talent development conversations.

5.  The common career path to "the top".  Do you want a career path handed to you?  This is sad for an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs pave their way with one trait.  Passion. They don't want your path.  Is your plan to offer 9 career paths to 1000 innovative people? I encourage you to think harder.  Find out why your people come back to work every Monday.  Do you know why?  Is it for the paycheck? The coffee?  What is it?  What are their passions?  Find out why, then market to their why.

Where is the romanticism in your organization? What you are you doing to change it?

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