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Will Batman Rise In Your Office?

Batman For Organizational ChangeYeah we got it.  The message has been sent.  Your company and job are changing. The calm before the storm is now.  Deep breathes.  Change, transform or shift happens.  It is life.  Successful companies have people who know how to change.  You want success. Right?  You need a little Batman or woman in you. Odds are you are not at the C-level steering the changes.  Rather just a cog in the wheel.  So...Here is how to help.  First, get mad, cry or laugh or whatever it is you do to release.  Do it in a park where nobody can see you.  If I see you, it's okay.  More embarassament for you than me. Next, play the role of Batman, but in an informal type of way.  No cape or mask needed.  Just your Batmobile iPhone and warm smile. A smile is the universal language we understand.  Our emotions are high.  You have to wade through a sea of emotions to get to the facts.  Your smile will get us through it.

So what does Batman do?  You are the hero of Gotham City.  No body is too little to be Batman.  Meetings will turn deadly.  We need Batman leaders like you to rise and save Gotham.  Your peers and friends will want to challenge the status quo and it will tick people off.  Your job as Batman is to save your teammates.  Coach them.  Help them.  Call out observations and truths.  Admit you're wrong when you are wrong.  When you see one of your teammates drowning.  Jump into save them.  You will create a bond that will last forever.  They will be your Robin.  People who can't handle this may NOT be on your team.

Other ways to play Batman in your Gotham City are:

-Don't let anyone get away with calling people lazy.  During times of change some leaders will call everyone lazy.  Stop this name calling.  Think of ways to make things easier and faster.  People want to help.

-Stop the blaming.  We make mistakes.  When you see others blame people, stop that behavior.  Start a new behavior.  Start asking what we learned from the mistake.

-Make people deal with conflict.  Do not let emails, forms, IT systems or memos deal with your conflict.  Lay the issue on the table.  Draw it on a white board and talk about it.  Have coffee afterwards and shake hands.

-Do not wait for change.  The change started yesterday.  If you need direction. Ask for it.  But you have the freedom to change things yourself.

Our human brain is the most complex object around.  Weighs about 3 pounds with a hundred billion neurons connected together. We do not understand it and probably never will, but we are coming close with science.  Instead of trying to understand it by predicting people's reaction to change, understand yourself and change yourself. Be Batman.

Where are the Batmans in your organizational change efforts?  We need you.  We all need to be Batman.  We need good leaders.  You need to come out.  Gotham City needs your help.

Photo Credit: iDB