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How They Hustle You

The HustleYou work hard.  We work hard. Follow your effort.  Be aware of how "They" hustle your talent.  Here is one way how "They" do it. They: Pssst.  Hey you.  Follow me.  I have a treasure for you.  It has lots of money, the famous career ladder, work/life balance, fancy cars, recognition, cycling, beekeeping, frisbee and foxtrot.  You will even have lunch with the big boss. You will be engaged.

Talent: Sounds great.  Where do I sign up for this treasure?

They: Sign here. Hurry.  You only have 3 days.

Talent: Consider it done.  I want the treasure.

They: Ohhh. You must know.  You behave how I want you to behave.  We call that organizational behavior.  When you don't behave how I behave, you are bad and you suck.

Talent: Not cool.  Please tell me more about how you behave.

They: The way I behave is the way we all should behave.  I am the standard.  I say things a certain way that looks good.  Whatever I say is right, so follow me.

Talent: I am confused.  So let me replay what I heard.  I copy your behavior.  I get the treasure.  How you behave is how we all behave.

They: Yes. You understand.  I say jump.  You ask how high.

Learn how to hustle. Follow your own treasure.  You behave bad.  Follow "they". You behave good.  This is your career development choice.  99.9% of the time "They" is a false whisper in your head.  They is how the organization behaves.  Behave like the majority.  You are a clone.  Follow your own treasure.  That is called freedom.  Freedom starts with your effort to choose a path. Follow your effort into a career path.

How do you hustle? What do you spend most your time on? Are you good at filling out forms? This is what you will become. A form filler.  Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own. Spend your effort on work stuff until you become good at it.  When you become good at it, you will like it.  This effort will make you happy.  Bring that effort into your day job.  You will be a engaged.  You will rise above the call of duty. Even FOT Nation Contributor William Tincup will see this as engagement.  Other people will see that too and want in on your secret.

What is your treasure? How do you hustle to it?

Photo Credit: LosAnheles