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Solitary Confinement For The Masses

Solitary ConfinementYour solitary confinement punishment starts now!  You are isolated from "the big" conversation.  The juice everyone wants to drink.  Work is a series of conversations, but  you want in on the "the big" conversation.  You can wait for serendipity to happen or some scripted one-way communication. If that happens, you will still feel in the dark. We are all in solitary confinement.  Extroverts do not have the patience for this.  You will snap like a Chad Ochocinco/Johnson.  Introverts will over dose like a Lindsay Lohan drug binge. Take this punishment to renew your energy and find pleasure from within.  No specific person to blame. If anyone, it is you.  Do not blame yourself though.  Just accept it.  Your punishment is a symptom of conflict with our human capital (fancy HR term for people).  We have become damn good at what we do. Too good.  We are special. We have a tough time using our special skills to vary our range of products and services to offer.  We try something new and it hurts.  This is why you drive home from work tired.

We are what we do.  How you spend your time in this solitary confined space is what you will become.  Spend it wisely. Do not act until it is time.  I like to call this healthy procrastination.  Find out when the assignment is due, then deliver it on the due day. Work out the kinks before you deliver it.  That is called work.

Try something a few hundred times to see if you like it.  If you like it. You will become good at it.  If you are good at it.  You will become successful.  Was that vague?  It was supposed to be.  If I said what you had to become good at, I would be stealing your freedom of choice.  Choice is hard to do because we have so many of them.

Too many choices cause us paralysis.  Been to a running shoe store lately? There are over 50 types of shoes to consider.  This makes my decision hard.  I want the shoe salesman to make my decision.  Why does it take me so long to pick a topic to write about? There are too many choices.  If I choose one topic, I choose not to write about a different topic.

At work, I will never choose for you.  Your boss does not either. Your peers do not. You choose.  That is freedom. The skills gap in America is caused by people who have given their choice to other people to make for them.  Laurie from "The Cynical Girl" can tell you more about Skills Gap.

So back to our solitary confinement.  How do you feel?  Are you alone? Good.  You should be.

Photo Credit: corrieb