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Feeling Your Way To Performance

Kids At Play. Keep Poop AwayI hear the skateboard wheels rolling down the half-pipe. A hot summer day in Utah.  It is my turn to roll down the half-pipe, but I have a personal problem.  I just pooped myself.  For the last hour I had been ignoring the feeling to poo.  That feeling turned into an emotional state of rage, disappointment, fear and panic.  This was my moment.  I failed. Lucky for me. My best friend was there.  He walked home with me and used his skateboard to cover my behind and hide my mess.  My personal problem got in the way of my skate performance.  Stay with me here...I was in the 5th grade and I have learned a lot since then. We often suppress our feelings at work.  We think they get in our way to perform.  Recognize feelings. They turn into emotions that will stear your performance.  Pooping your pants is personal.  Had I recognized and addressed my feeling, I would have performed on my skateboard that day.

Gotta big meeting or event coming up?  Let me throw down some feelings amongst the people in that room...

-The feeling of tension before the meeting.
-The feeling after you brush your teeth.  You feel refreshed! BTW-We did not experience this feeling until about the 1850s when toothpaste was invented.  Impress your dental hygienist with that fact!
-The feeling of being isolated. You feel lonely.
-The feeling of being somewhere other than the meeting. You miss your family and would rather be with them.
-The feeling of not wanting to do something.  You feel stubborn.
-The feeling of holding back true emotions and expressions in front of the big bosses.  You feel hesitant.
-The feeling and sound of hitting a tennis ball. You feel distracted.
-The feeling of a caffeine buzz. You feel enthusiastic!
-The feeling of pain.  I'm sure some part of your body hurts.
-The feeling of not knowing your future. You feel anxious.
-The feeling of working with someone who annoys you. Contrary... the feeling of working with someone who makes you feel good.
-The feeling of doing meaningless work to follow orders.  You feel manipulated.
-The feeling of doing work that means something to you.  You feel alive.
-The feeling of helping someone.  You feel caring.
-The feeling of being nervous before a presentation.  The feeling of screwing up a presentation.  The feeling of nailing the presentation.

We feel our way through life. Our feelings turn into emotions which show up in our behaviors.  We take these behaviors to work meetings, hallways conversations, presentations, family dinners and on and on.  Know how you are feeling.  Be aware of other's feelings.  We hate to check feelings.  It is normal to feel that way.  Check this before your spreadsheets or forms.  I suppose smarties call this Emotional Intelligence.  Maybe one day I can reach this level of intelligence. I certainly did not have it during my skate board days of the 5th grade.  How do you feel your way to performance?

Photo Credit: Charleston's TheDigitel