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An HR (Wo)Man Pride Poem

Working man with prideHey humans.  Hey HR humans. Hey 250k  SHRM Humans. Was that not personal?  Let me get more personal.  I wrote a poem for you.   It's called "An HR (Wo)Man Pride Poem".  What's pride in HR? Is it a competency model on 43 pages of powerpoint?  I say no.  Click to the HR Capitalist.  KD has a sports example of HR pride.  My version is a poem.  Check it out...

HR (Wo)Man was born off a strategic change from an industry mess,
The champion to change a broken process.
Born to help people stay connected with each other.
What do you think of me at your table brother?
I met an HR (Wo)Man who said he knew the trade,
And he'd like to show me the way to make his grade.
Take my lead now so we can build some competencies,
I'll fill your mind with buzzwords to hide your weak capabilities.
HR (Wo)Man ya don't understand.
The HR Trade does not know this land.
You righteous HR (Wo)man, what are you doing?
Our leaders can see you do not know what you should be doing.   
You can continue with your one way communication all of the time,
But, just know you are rarely heard any of the time.
HR (Wo)man say you gotta understand the business. 
Then find global talent with diverseness.
If you listen they'll improve your American abilities,
And re-define many of our organization's capabilities.
Just don't try to guide their minds,
with confusing communication lines.
To grow the top-line or increase the bottom line is the question.
This will give many people acid indigestion. 
HR (Wo)Man I'll tell you.
Just what it is that I believe,
HR (Wo)Man I tell ya, you gotta quite blaming some sales guy named Steve.
Change what we believe about our trade.
It's our administrative systems and lack of engagement that distract us from being top grade.
Those deep wanna be strategic people philosophies,
Are just hurting our economies. 
HR games you use to ignore me.
Come to think of it.  They floor me.
I wish you would innovate.
I wish you would integrate.
The talent around the world needs a different way.
Instead you standardize everyone into the same way.
Let me know. Let me feel.  Let me do. 
Photo Credit: UggBoyUggGirl