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Direct Deposit Paychecks Kill EVP

Paycheck The psychological employment contract theory came around in the 1960s.  From what I gather, smarter people later built on that theory in the late 90s to create the term Employment Value Proposition (EVP).   About this time employers begin to offer or mandate direct deposit paychecks instead of manual paper paychecks.  Why should you care about this? Well...The paycheck change messed with 2 parts of your life.  First, it made it more difficult to hide money for your secret trips to Wendover, Nevada. Second, it took away the boss and employee pay transaction/conversation and that messed with the employer/employee part of the psychological contract.

Here comes my plant manager, Dean.  Big smile and stack of paychecks in his left hand.  I am talking to Guadalupe about her FMLA leave.  I smell raw McDonalds hamburger patties.  This was my meatpacking days.   It's Friday.  It's payday.  Everyone is happy.  Dean delivers your paycheck.  If you are lucky... he would say something good during the paycheck transaction.  His comment would create a performance conversation.  This was the late 90s.  Manual paychecks were the norm and internet access at work was not.  At least in my life.  Fast forward 15 years...I don't know what day I get paid and I look forward to time away from the internet.

Conversations and interactions that used to happen during the hand delivered paycheck days have been replaced by fancy EVPs, amongst others things.  Is it this hard?

All we need is the air that we breathe, instead we complain about the things we don't need.  We don't need internal pay equity, bad leaders, fluffy HR, broken processes, technologies that miss the mark and heavy workloads.  We need a handshake with a smile and a paycheck.  If we deserve it, then a good comment too.  How is that for your EVP?  Try it for 3 months.  Then let's talk about who is engaged.  Psst...I bet both you and your employee will be.  But, still not sure how it will help you get to Wendover, Nevada.

Photo Credit: orphanjones