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HRTechConf. Heaven & Dirty Work.

Guy in heavenFirst.  I saw a glimpse of heaven over the past week.  #HRTechConf 2012.  Filled with thousands of attendees from dozens of countries around the world.  I think we call that an international gathering.  Who is it for?  HR tribers who want to gain confidence and knowledge to drive HR Technology decisions, people who want to stay current on HR technologies, and HR people who want to understand how technology is changing our behaviors. Pretty much anyone.  Even friends of the guy to the right. Hi Kristen! As an attendee, coffee drinker, participate and leader in this space I was honored to help our tribe figure out what it all means and where we are going with this shift.  The Cloud and Social Technology are driving this behavioral change.  You need to be aware. See me and about 5,000 other HR Pros for more information.  A small tribe is growing.  We are open for discussion.  If I can't answer your question I know many who can.

One cool thing to know.  My blog (HR Hound) was sponsored to attend this event.  I am still in shock and very thankful.  No cost to my employer.  The HR Hound did it.  I want to cry.  I am happy for that. Good things will come out of this.  Participate, lead and see.  I have many people to thank.  Stay tuned for that.  You know who you are people.

The week was overwhelming.  There was an event that started on late Saturday and ended late Sunday.  Called HRevolution. Best. Damn. Conference. Ever. A couple 100 or less people from around the world gathered.  Most were connections made via social. We met, bonded and led the discussions in this space amongst thousands for the rest of the week.

The actual conference started Monday.  A rush of adrenaline.  I walked and worked the expo like a Vegas hooker.  Many vendors had the same pitch.  The good ones did not stalk you.  They were more about the relationship.  So....Here are my highlights of the technology I experienced while there.

SeeMore by Monster Worldwide

WHAT IS IT--->Been around for over a year.  A cloud based platform (pretty much everything is now) that uses a search technology (Monster's 6Sense) to manage your internal resume databases.  The main pitch of the product is simplification and it seems to do that.  You do not have to scour through multiple talent pools (job boards, ATS or social networking sites).  How do you do this? Enter words and skills you want into the product, press a button and done.  It finds and ranks candidates who you will never have time to find.  Allows you as the recruiter to spend more time building relationships.  The relationship building you thought you would be doing when you became a recruiter.  I encourage you to demo it and take a ride for yourself.  Kinda cool.


Hirevue smartphone app

WHAT IS IT-->Their main focus is digital online and video platform.  Most players know their name by now.  But there big add was a Mobile App.  In the world of smart phones and iPads they allow candidates to interview for a job anytime, from anywhere.  Same with the hiring manager.  They can interview when they have time.  The main solution is its ease of use.  Easy for the employer and applicant.  Enough about them.  Just know their product and people are bad ass.

Now.  I spent time with other players in this space too.  Check out Wowzer and RIVs. They seem to get it and are coming up quickly.

Take a coffee break.  In my life, I like to meet people in person before I give them lots of money to do cool things. This technology is cool because it saves your company time and money.  Hard to disagree with that.  But first figure the Why behind doing it, How you plan to do it, then What product you need AND get to Know the people behind the product.

Lastly, I am excited to experience this shift and see who's pitch will lead the way.  I am now back at my day job as Chief Digital Dishwasher.  Yet to see a technology do my dirty work.  The stupid dishes.  That's right ladies. I do dishes.  That's how I roll.  But here is my point.  Behind all the noise for technology make sure it does not add more dishes to your sink.  We hate to do the dishes.  That's dirty work.  Find technology that reduces the dirty work so you can spend more time collaborating, engaging and having fun with friends and family.  Nobody likes to do the dishes while the rest of the family is having fun.