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The Vanilla Ice Tribe

Vanilla IceWe all have good in us.  How do you think a guy like Vanilla Ice made it.   We all have biases too.  I met someone of a different tribe last week, a guy named  Jason Seiden with a white camero and vanity license plates that say "Vanilla Ice".  My bias was always to hate people with vanity plates.  But I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Jason in Chicago.  In short, he is real and good.  Jason and his company, AJAX Workforce Marketing, take your personal brand way beyond social media. As a young small town boy, I was often incorrectly called an "Indian" or "Native American".  But, that is not me.  Guess you would call me a Norwegian Latino.  Often small towns are full of narrow minded people.   I love Native Americans. Small town people love them too and they intend to do good.  Some just need more self-awareness.  My point of bringing up Native Americans is for you to think about the tribes they formed hundreds of years ago.  What tribe are you forming today?  Can you be a part of many tribes? Is there rule for that?  I believe not.

Running tribe

I find it hard to motivate people.  Hey you get off your A@# and exercise.  I quit.  Instead lets motivate people of any tribe doing good behavior.  Find people who believe the same. That's how I find people to follow too.   The cool part about this...I get to choose the tribe I want to lead.  I get to compliment others in that tribe and help them lead.  The key word is choose.  Most organizations do not make that choice clear.  Your only choice is a few organization charts to form your tribe.  If you are lucky, you are led down an awesome journey.  If you are unlucky, you get stuck. Limited choices there.

How do you know when it's time to find a tribe? When you find yourself telling the same stories that make you feel good only to people who won't listen.  When things behind the smiles ain't okay and the stories make you feel good.  Find a tribe that will listen.  They are around you and all over the world.  That is how I found a cool guy from the Vanilla Ice Tribe.  Find that tribe and promote them. Make them feel good too...they will do the same. You found crazy.  You found family.  Go with it.  Climb a mountain with that tribe.  Seth Godin can tell you more than I can dream about this topic.

Does that sound too extreme for you? Ok.  Go back to do doing what you were doing.  Do you like what you are working on? Maybe a little paranoid? Did you wake up this morning with an empty bag of excuses? If so, time to hit it. Hit it hard. Nobody Will Stop You.  Only you can.

Your love for family and friends is too strong.  All you need is the sun to warm your feet and a wall to run through. You just need another day to try.  To try it again.  Not do it over again. To live is to give. That's why y0u are here. How can I help you build your tribe?

Photo Credits: Running tribe is rmklife. MC Hammer and Vanilla ice is YoTuT.