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Ironical Vampire Energy Sucking Technology

Vampire Energy TechnologyHey computer software engineers and HR Tech vendors with your high salaries, cool benefits and ping pong games at work.  Way to go.  Now earn it! Most of us HR pros are not tech venture capitalists.  But we do know how bad technology looks and feels.  Bad technology feels like an ironical vampire energy sucking leach. Happy Halloween tech vampires.  You create dead weight HR jobs.  It makes us spend our time on activities not related to promoting internal and external talent.  We skip family events and cool meetings because our energy is sucked by vampire technology.  Oh and our clients hate it too. WHY:

We do not have to settle for this poor technology.  Half smart HR pros get the new hyper-connected, social workforce is spending more time on their phones and tablets than in front of a workstation. That is why we are willing to listen to you.  Here is how you can help us.  Help us create a higher purpose for WHY we should want your product.  If the WHY helps collaboration, engagement, coaching, recogontion, recruiting, talent management, sourcing, etc...tell us why.  In 2 minutes or less.  Stay true to this purpose.  You will get more respect and not sell us a vampire energy sucking product.  Is "vampire energy sucking" the legacy you want to leave behind?

Vampire technology kills risk taking.  Nobody wants to use it.  They want to use technology that makes their jobs easier.  Not out of fear from some HR Pro who will tattle on them for not using it (a la performance management).  A practice from top performing organizations is they have more HR technologies in use and spend less on HR technology per employee.  China Gorman, an HR Player you better know, goes into more detail on this.  Check it out on her Tuesday Tips. Just know we have a long road ahead of us...

long road aheadMany HR Technology vendors have the right product with smart people behind it.  My advice to you an HR pro work with their organization on the "Why".  Why do they need your technology?  How it will increase revenue or profit per employee? Involve finance too. You might have to change what HR pros believe about their current way.  You will have to tell them they are wrong.  This will be hard.  But, do not start with the"What" we need approach.  We know what we need.  If we could buy what we would have been done yesterday.  Most HR Pros work with layers of senior HR people and clients.  We have to influence and persuade with the Why.  We need your help with that.

Once we get the why down, we can talk "how" and "what" with technology on your product demos.  Start with the why instead. Then show us how to use it.   No need to tell us what we need.  The ironical vampire energy sucking technology already told us what we need.  Help us with why.  Why do we need you?

Photo Credit: Vampire is Enokson and long road is my new favorite, RMK Life.