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How You Can Help Your President

Ben w/ HireVue picFirst, I am sorry you have to see my picture, but stay with me here.  I met both Presidential candidates in Chicago a few weeks ago. They both have the best "Immigration Policy".  They both think each other are wrong.   The economy sucks.  Yes we know that.  How can I help?  I can find good and motivated people who come to the U.S.  They are people who still come here for opportunity. On my own dime and time, I will help them do whatever it takes to fit in.  This will help our economy. They (either Obama or Romney) need me and you to help the American economy. The President can't stop Juan, Ingrid, or Dunya from coming in, so help them fit in.  They come to our country to spread good ideas.  They want to be Americans.  They come here to make it better.  Find the good ones. Do anything you can to help them.  The good ones do not want money.  They want to learn and connect with more Americans, so they can do good.  Will you help them?

Hey wait, some people, they come here and are bad.  I know.  Ignore them.  They will learn or they will get ruined by life.  I can't control that.  We can control who we help.  I can't stop drugs and hookers from coming in.  I can't throw money at problems bigger than life and expect to solve it.  Oh and BTW...that is not the real Governor Romney or President Obama.  Almost as good as imitation crab! Thanks to my friends at HireVue for the picture.  HireVue is helping our HR profession come out of the dark ages of technology.

Keep finding the good ones.  A month ago I volunteered to help MBA candidates from the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University .  I met Agnes Inzsol. She came here alone from Hungary.  She came here to earn her MBA.  She came here to share ideas, learn and return it to America by making our country better. Help people like her. I hope that I helped her with interviewing and networking skills.

They (President and people who come to America) need help.  We hate to ask people for help.  At least I do.  I want to help fix things or help get you from point A to point B.  That is my immigration policy.  Never ask for my money.  Most importantly, I have little money.  Show me why you are passionate to help someone/thing.  Infect me with that passion and I will give you my time. I guess I sorta just talked politics.  Oh well...most people are these days.

Photo Credit: HireVue Photo from HR Tech Conference in Chicago