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Do You Like It? You Should Know

Do You Like It? My career path advice to you...Try it 100 times and see if you like it.  You should know.  They call that engagement.  I meet with people.  They talk about ideas, careers and life.  By the way HR, none of them talk about career ladders or compensation plans.  Not even S.M.A.R.T. goals.  They want to know what they should do with their life.   They want leadership.  They remember pain.  They remember everything.  They hurt.  So do I.  I have been wondering what do to with my life for 19 years...  I tell them to try something 100 times and see if they like it.  After 100 you'll know if your good at it.  Either way, you learn something.

About 2 years ago, I took up swimming.  I hated it.  But I kept going.  After several (about 100) days of swimming.  I learnt to like it.  I write.  I wrote about 100 pages in graduate school.  I learnt to like it.  So I write more.  Kris Dunn, HR Capitalist blogger, wrote a post everyday for a year or something more.  That is at least 365 times.  He is good at it.  He likes it.

Figure out if you like it.  You should know.  Not their job or your company's job to know.  Try it a 100 times.  Then decide what to do.  Update powerpoint presentations 100 times. Do you like that?  Really?

Oh, but what about Bob? He hates his job.  Bob needs to find a way to like something about it.  Find what he likes in some part of his job.  Specialize in that part.  His passion will show and results will follow.  He can have it all.  He is just afraid to change.  Most of those types go away and hide.  They take their "afraidness" home.  They take it out on little Johnny who wants to play basketball.  They are afraid to change.  They want to know what they will become.  They want to start again.  They hurt.  Those hurt feelings disappear.  They will learn what they become.  I will get it all.  The good and the dirt.  I will find a way.  Even if it's a million miles away.

What does this mean for your career path?  It means you should know if you like it.  Try it 100 times.  After 100 times you'll know if your good at it.  You should know.  They will say you are engaged.

Photo Credit: BetterWorks