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Anxiety Creates Good

Anxiety creates goodHey try this... Think about one of your problems.  With the thought of your problem in your mind, go find a room with no windows and a light dimmer switch.  Turn it off.  That is your problem.  Your view is dark.  Dark causes anxiety.  Anxiety creates prescription medicine.  Healthcare loves this. More money for them.  They know you will be back for more.  It is a cycle. Oops my ADD medicine just kicked back in. Back to the light switch. Now slowly turn the switch to on.  As the room gets lighter, your view gets better.  Look around and you can see everything in the room.  The good and the bad.  Deal with it and wean off the prescription medication.  Go create something good with that anxiety.

Good change rarely starts from a calm and peaceful environment.  At least not in my life.  It starts during chaos.  When people hate and their hands tremble. They hate sometthing so bad, they want to change it.  They know the solution better than anyone else.  They know they can change it.  They know they can make more money and save more time.  They know they can help more people.  That's when good change starts.  They take anxiety and create something good. They make people better.  They make themselves better.   That sounds cool to me.  Sounds like the implications of cloud thinking.  The thinking that is changing the way we work, live and play.

How do you know when it's time to change?  When you feel uncomfortable and painful.  When you hear the same action over and over in a meeting, but nothing moving.  That's a sign.  When you have an idea that is bigger than you.  It's time.  Is there risk?  Your damn right there is.  Is it worth? It's your career, so hell yeah.  Go sleep on it, get up, don't complain, take responsibility and use anxiety to create good.  Run boy run.  The light dimmer is fully on and you have the view of the room you need.  Create something good.  My kids will have a better life because of your change.  I will change too.  I will ride the wave as long as I can.

Photo Credit: RMK life