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Figure It Out

Figure it OutFigure it out.  I have been trying for over a few years.  The cloud and social trend that is.  In his book, "Cloud Surfing", Thomas Koulopoulos finds that in 1985 the average length of a phone call was 9 minutes.  Today the average length is less than one minute.  Where did this time go?  How do people share ideas now?  Figure it out.  People connect in different ways.  You might want to figure that out for your career. Jerry is waiting for his boss Beth to figure it out.  Jerry can't figure it out unless Beth says it's okay to figure it out.  Jerry is not being smart.  Now he must figure it out on his own.  No more waiting.  Communicating and sharing information is not the same as it was in 1985.  Behaviors have changed because of that.

HR people are damn funny about behaviors.  They get masters degrees from famous universities in organizational behavior, but they refuse to embrace technology that changes behavior.  I guess that is behavior in itself.  Generations Y, X, people over 50 and all others use it, try to use it, want to use it, or can't figure it out.  Figure it out for you and your career.

People laugh, smile or frown about blogs.  This trend is not about me. This trend is about you.  Nobody sits around and waits for your email or big strategic announcement anymore.  They are too busy talking about how to execute it before and after you send the announcement.  Who is having those conversations? Figure that out.  Participate in them.

Think about it.  Pretty sure they pay you to think, not sit in your chair until 5 P.M. This is one of those things you have to think your way through.  Think about how it can help you do your job better and make your company more productive.  Good luck. Figure it out and share what you learned.

Photo Credit: tango 48