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Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward Keep moving forward when you can.  Stop and rest when you can't.  Get up and keep moving forward again.  The elections are over.  We know who our President of the U.S.A is now.  Happy or sad.  Get over it and move forward.  Congratulations to our President Barack Obama.

No matter who our President is...Your ideas and dreams will get blocked.  Move around the block.  Move over the block.  Move through the block.  Change your mind about the ideas if needed.  Just keep moving forward.  Do not wait for our President to approve it.

Geoff went out the back window of a car one day.  Seven days later he woke up and looked out the hospital window.  He saw cars moving, people walking and tree leaves moving in the wind.  Life goes on.  Geoff had to go on.  Geoff kept moving forward.  Geoff did wait for anyone to approve that.

Do not wait.  Move.  Do something.  Fall on your face a bunch of times.  Get up and look around.  Dust your clothes off and make sure you can still breathe.  Congratulations you survived.  You might look different.  You will feel different. You might not have the same email account because you lost your job.  But you are still in the game.  You are alive.  You are different.  You are free to roam.  Make your way for one more day.  Keep moving forward.

Photo Credit: Patrick Feller