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Who Is Getting A Rabbit?

Rabbits Back in my entrepreneurial lawn mowing days as a 12 year old boy I earned a rabbit.  Based on my reputation a guy named Hyrum asked me to take care of his yard for a month while he was out of town.  I worked hard. Irrigated his garden, mowed grass, pulled weeds, and watered flowers.  Even avoided working on Sundays per Hyrum's request.  After one month, Hyrum came home and gave me a rabbit for my services. WTF? A rabbit.

Getting a rabbit for your sweat and service is a raw deal.  Hyrum wanted to give a little and take a lot.  Don't we all?

In our economy, companies will continue to give out rabbits.  That is my grand prediction for the foreseeable future. If you have the title "Human Resources" associated with any of your job description, then you help people deal with rabbits.  When people feel like they are getting a rabbit for their service, they will perform like they are getting a rabbit.  No brainer.  There is no survey or assessment needed. Look around.  Leave your office for an hour and look.  Are they getting rabbits?

As an HR Pro, help people get to the best possible performance and results.  They are human.  They need your help.  Raise your game.  I will raise mine. This will be hard to do if your company is giving out rabbits.  People want to do good by nature.  Go help them.  They don't need rabbits.  At least not in my life.

Photo Credit: masatoshi_