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Are You Glocal?

GlocalGlocal. Glocalized. Glocalization.  What is it? howstuffworks tells us "glocalization is the answer to the problems of globalization".  They took "global" and "local" and made glocal.  The term was invented by Japan in the 1980s and is now a popular buzzword.  I hate buzzwords, but it's neat to know executives realize they can't globalize and standardize everything.  They need to appeal to the locals. McDonald's is one of the best users of glocalization.  McDonald restaurants in India offer mostly non-red meat options.  Veggie burger anyone?  We need to learn from McDonalds.  Adapt to the locals.

Local managers (i.e., people in the field) want to make their own decisions.  They hate it when Toby the HR dork comes to force a method or approach on them.  As cool as the word sounds, glocal is just a buzzword.  Know what it means though.  Glocal is about fine tuning your system, process or style for local needs.  Common sense stuff.  At least, that's how I see it.

Good chance a famous MBA schooled exec is trying to glocalize with you.  That's what he or she was trained to do.  I read, see and experience glocalization in HR and IT lately.

Doing anything glocal is hard.  Takes time.  Glocal. Glocalized. Glocalization.  Your buzzword for the day.  Maybe you knew it. Maybe you do it.  If not, go fine tune your whatever brilliant idea to appeal to the locals.  Something we all should do.

Photo Credit: Anonymous9000