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LinkedIn Introduces Flair Endorsements

  Flair EndorsementsListen up social media players and haters....lots of banter about LinkedIn's new endorsement feature.  Basically it allows you an easy way to make a little gesture and show recognition to your connections whom you value.  The Social Media Examiner provides a good overview, HERE.  Check it out if needed, but think of it like an online version of flair.

Do you remember that scene from Office Space?  The one when Jennifer Aniston goes off on her manager about the flair on her vest?  She says something like this to her manager..."if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don't you get HR to create a rule to make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?"

Hey look Dan just endorsed Ben for talent development.  Dan was Ben's roommate 15 years ago in college.  That is the last time they spoke.  Now Ben has more flair.  Yeah.  He can print off his flair and show his friends and boss. Flair endorsements.  Doubt that is what LinkedIn had in mind, but here's what I think...

Endorsing someone creates positive emotions just like giving recognition and praise do.  By giving and receiving more praise (i.e., endorsements) for your skills and talents LinkedIn believes you will feel more positive about your skills and talents. That is the emotion part.

LinkedIn hopes this emotion will create more engagement with you and your network on LinkedIn.  More engagement will make you stay on LinkedIn and use their services more.  That is why LinkedIn wants you to endorse people.  They want you to express yourself with flair on your profile.

How do flair endorsements make you feel?  Can you express yourself more with flair?  I can think of many other ways to express myself...but for now, go to my LinkedIn profile and give me some flair.  I will give you some flair too!

Photo credit: SocialMediaNews

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