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Emergency Career Preparedness

Emergency Career Preparedness Be real.  That damn fiscal cliff seems real.  Accept the market and economy as it is, not as we want it to be.  In this economy, be ready for job transitions.  Prepare an emergency career plan to help your readiness.  This plan should help you transition inside or outside your company.  Accept the economy for what it is and take action.  As an HR Pro are you helping people take action?  If no, then what are you doing?  Many people...They are afraid.  Step up and help them.

Below are FIVE thought starters for an emergency career plan.  Some of these thoughts come from the book, "The Million-Dollar Race" by Kirk Hallowell, Ph.D.  Check it out.  Buy his book or I will buy one for you, but only if you buy me a cup of coffee. Kirk is a friend and a real good fella.  Okay, back to my thought starters...

-->Read good books that can help you.  Stop reading trashy magazines and erotic novels (i.e., Fifty Shades of Grey).

-->Make a list of your top 5 accomplishments from your current or last job.  Use this list to figure out your marketable skills and talents.

-->Cancel cable and stop watching football the entire weekend.  This will save you time and money.  Use the extra time and money to do something good.

-->Practice a job interview with a spouse or close friend.  Video record it too.  Listen to the feedback, then practice again.  This will prepare you for any job interview.

-->Scan your email and social networks.  Make a list of people to meet for coffee.  This list should be people who can help you.  Remember though...Helping people is a two-way street.  Be ready to help them too.

You will need perseverance and courage to prepare your emergency career plan.  Preparing for a job of your dreams and executing your plans is a full time job.  Be aware of this and accept it.  Then take action.  How are you helping people prepare?  Are you prepared?

Photo Credit: The Cleveland Kid