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The Weeds

The Weeds The weeds are what executives do not want to spend time on or talk about.  Working in the weeds involves executing a strategy.  They hire people like you to execute a strategy.  An HBR study seven years ago revealed that 95% of a company's employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy.  Damn that's a high percentage.  Are we better at working in the weeds than seven years ago?  Let's check and see...

Do you know your boss's vision?  How about your boss's boss vision or the CEO's vision?  Not the scripted vision found on the company website either.  I mean the vision he or she dreams for your department.  Oh.  Wait, you have an executive insider friend named Cole who knows the vision. Can Cole also tell us the strategy to achieve all of those visions?  Cool.  Cole is "in the know" and has the view from above.  For today, Cole can sort through weeds to execute a strategy.  But tomorrow Cole will need a better view.

Visions and strategies need to be shared often.  We have to continuously sort through the weeds to assure we know and align to the strategy and vision.  They (i.e., people and strategies) change often.  Yesterday was last year and tomorrow is now.  We get distracted.  We can't focus without our special meds.  How are we going to stay focused on a 3 year vision?

Pick which pile of weeds to sort through.  Share your vision and strategy while you sort through the weeds.  Your boss should share his/hers and you should share yours.  This is a continuous job.  And it is a big part of your job.  Do it often.  Use tools (i.e., technology, or other) that help you align the weed work with the strategy or vision.  You are not too high level for the weeds.  How do you work in the weeds?

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