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They Talk About Change On The Twitter

Change Management China Gorman, former COO of SHRM and Change Management veteran, led a Tweet Chat for SHRM's weekly #NextChat session this past week on Change Management.  For those who don't know, SHRM has a Tweet Chat every Wednesday at 3PM Eastern (hashtag #NextChat).  This particular session was damn good because China was leading it and the topic was Change Management.   China is real and not a weird social media freak.  I met her and can vouch for that.

So here's the deal HR.  Hundreds of HR Pros/change experts talked about change on The Twitter and they found we suck at Change Management.  Be aware of that. Also know that change management consultants make money from us because we suck at change.  That ole saying the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper is true (Yes...I do change diapers).

Read a couple tweets below from the change management #nextchat session...then let's continue our conversation.

Something like 75% of change projects fail to get required ee adoption. How do you fix that? #NextChat

SHRM data: 65% of HR pros reported no particular change management model was followed by their organizations during major changes. #nextchat

What do you think? We need to change us more than we need to change anyone else.  Lets say those tweets are half true, we still suck in a bad way.  Think of HR like a Doctor and our client like the patient.  Imagine a Doctor telling a patient there is 75% chance their treatment plan will fail.  Hugh?

If you are an HR Pro at a company what is your company's change management model? Do you know it? I bet you don't.  Go create or find your own personal change management model and don't wait for HR to give you one for Christmas.  That's my advice.  There are plenty to pick from.  Google "Change Management" and you will find lots of good ones.  Below has been one of my favorites for the last few years.  It's called the Change Equation by Beckhard & Harris.  A simple visual model with a practical approach.

Change Equation

In summary, hundreds of HR Pros/change experts talk about change on The Twitter.  They found that people are not good at change.  The people who work in HR are also not good at change.  No major finding there, but know that you are the one who has to change.  Not anyone else.  And with that...I am going to attempt my own change.

Photo Credit: Joe Schlabotnik