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Grind It Out

Work is a mindset.  I found a cool infographic (email subscribers click through) for a demonstration of that.  Check it out and then lets talk about your work and the "The Grind".

Work from home

You can't get away from it anymore.  Work.  Work goes home.  Home goes to work.  It's a grind.  You work or study excessively.  You grind for a test or grind away at housework or grind away that laborious work task.

A good grinder can work like he is always on vacation.  He feels good grinding out work and finding people who are doing similar change-making efforts.  These people don't have to believe entirely of him or even exactly support him.  They just have to be on a similar journey.  Pretty obvious right?

The nature of work is changing OR has changed.  Work hours, vacation, weekends.  It's all the same.  The power of your mobile device can make this easier or harder.  A work space is anywhere.  Coffee shops, McDonalds's, networking with parents at kid's birthday parties, churches, gyms, etc.

I laugh when I hear HR brethren talk about policies to enforce work hours.  Sadly, there are still work environments where kudos are given based on how early and late you clock in.  A clear example of not adapting to the change. Come on people.

Here is my dream work world.  It does exist.  I see it at times and when I do...I capture the people and situation and try to repeat it.  My dream work world is a place where no secret handshakes are needed.  Information is shared.  No passwords for data (well maybe just one password), systems, etc.  Relationships, deals, and life happen from true serendipity.  A place where creative people work together with no boundaries.  You have it, share it.  That is fun...oops, I mean work.  That is where change happens.  I have to work to find this dream, but it is out there.

We have about a month left of this year.  Grind it out.  Think about how you will rule the grind next year.  Talk to next year's players today.  Find that group of people who can rule the grind with you.  That group is rarely the same players in your current group.  Keep finding them.  Draw power from them and go back to your grind.  How do you grind?

Photo Credit: ishane

Infographic Credit: gyro