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Open Mic Night-HR Edition.

Open Live MusicHR Lovers, Players, Haters, and Ignorant Ones.  The time has come.  The time to take our profession to the music industry.  After digging through trench HR jobs across the U.S. and Mexico I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly about our trade.  So I did what any good HR Pro would do...  I wrote a poem .  Then produced a song about it. My vision of this song is to inspire you to think.  Maybe even laugh.  Okay, definitely laugh.

My other reason for a song is it targets the auditory and visual learners.  Listen to the words and watch the photos.  Best of both worlds.

MTV will call me about this.  Sorry MTV.  I am too good for you.  I work in HR.  And Fistful of Talent aired this awesome video already.

One final and important point.  The vocals and music for this song is by Chad Evans.  Chad is an ole friend who has talent.  Just not able to use it in the right job yet.   He put this song together in a jiffy and used a guy's recording studio who he randomly met on a bus.  Since Chad takes the bus, my other good buddy Alvin gave him a ride to the recording studio to make this song happen.  Not bad for someone with hidden talent who gets the shaft by HR in his day job.

Thank you Chad for turning my words into a song.  You have hidden talent.  Your employer or someone cooler will figure that out one day!

Enough ramble.  Check it out for yourself.  The HR Brotha below. Share it with others if you like it.  Tell me it sucks if you don't.  Either way, I will keep going for another day.

Photo Credit: cogdogblog