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Position-Less Org Structure- Miami Heat Style

Positionless org structure Have you heard what the Miami Heat's basketball philosophy is this year?  It's called "position-less basketball".  Basically they want each player on the floor to be able to play multiple positions.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosch, Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers can play power forward, small forward or point if needed.  Adios job descriptions and job titles.  Don't like it? Find your union rep and file a grievance.  Let's take position-less basketball to your workplace for a minute.  Here's the breakdown...

You want versatile colleagues, right?  People who can adapt to change. People who are more than their job description or title. Your customers do not care who does the job.  They just want the job done right.  Take a chapter out of the Miami Heat philosophy.  Adopt the position-less mindset. How else will you be able to do more work with less people?

The position-less mindset will freak out your HR department.  They will want to create a rule to control it.  That's ok.  Do it anyways.  Ask them to think about it too.

The position-less mindset is a journey, not a destination.  I know your org. structure isn't a basketball team.  Strategies and structures will change to keep up with the vision.  But if your people adopt the mindset of position-less they will be prepared and ready for almost any curve ball.  Lisa in Sales can do Brad's Finance job and Rosco's Marketing job.  Lisa knows multiple roles and how each achieves the vision.  She has a great HR department who help her get up to full productivity as fast as possible.

What is your position?  What is your team member's position? Could you do it if they threw you the ball? That's the question.  See if you can answer it.  Pretty sure your old way of job titles and boxes on an org. chart is not gonna do the trick anymore.

I'm out.  I need to go find a new position to play.