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Finding White Space

White Space Barry finds white space on a limited day.  Volunteer, family, work, side projects, waiting rooms, exercise, community, etc.  Barry has limited white space.  White space is that time no one has responsibility for.  Barry takes accountability for that space.  He does his job and then more.  He even fixes the stapler. Where is your white space?

Watch your time. Go to work.  Be a little better than your job description.  Then find more white space.  Create it.  Have fun with it.  Play in it.  Do whatever you want with it. It is your space. Moms work hard to find their white space.  Just saying.

I once had a chance to take a big HR job with a cool company.  They wanted me to do a "white space" job (their words).  I struggled with that.  I wanted a clear description of the job.  Like a shovel ready job or something.  This freaked me out.  Looking back.  I know what they were wanted.  They desired someone like me to do something big and create my own space to make their company better.  I was too clueless to see that.  Everything happens for a reason.  I had to learn on my own terms what a "white space" job was.

Space.  We need it.  They need it.  Barry needs it.  Space allows time and conversations to happen.  Designers to create cool stuff.  Cool stuff (i.e., Wordpress blog designers) that makes the HR Hound go.  Find your space.  Use it.  Abuse it.  Do whatever you want with it.  It is your space.  Enjoy your weekend.